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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a job at a Flight Centre?

Here's the 5 step journey you’ll go through before landing a career at Flight Centre... 1. Online Application 2. Phone Interview 3. Online Test 4. Group Interview 5. Reference Check 6. Receive an Outcome

Why was Flight Centre travel group set up?

We were founded by people who wanted to travel and want others to do the same. That passion is something you can’t miss in our people or service. We are a big business founded on personal relationships. As the travel industry automates and grows bigger, we keep it personal.

What is it like being a team leader at Flight Centre?

Join the most passionate bunch of people working hard to make their customers happy and be the best in the industry. What’s it Like Being a Team Leader at Flight Centre? Why work with us?

Can you fake passion for Flight Centre Canada?

Product knowledge will come to you with time and experience, but you can't fake passion. I have never worked for a company that is so involved in developing and furthering the careers of their employees. If you work hard and have drive and determination, you can go a long way here.

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