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Frequently Asked Questions

Is momondo a good flight price search engine?

Founded in 2006 as a Danish flight price search engine, Momondo has become a favorite site for many travelers searching for cheap flights & hotels. After reading this review of Momondo, you will have new travel research tool to find the best cheap flights, hotels, and rental cars.

What are the best websites to search international flights?

Part of the Kayak network, Danish-based metasearch site Momondo is a great option for international flight searches, thanks to its inclusion of lesser-known regional budget airlines combined with other carriers. Another major distinction, domestic searches include Southwest flights whereas other sites do not.

Is Momondo free to use?

Although Momondo was founded as an independent metadata flight search engine, they were acquired by The Priceline Group in July 2017. It's free to search on momondo and they check the prices from thousands of travel providers and also compare the prices to other travel booking sites.

Can you search by continent on Momondo?

Although other websites offer the option to search ‘anywhere’ for lack of inspiration, momondo also offers the chance to search by continent and even add in north, south, east or west to the search.

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