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Frequently Asked Questions

What airlines fly to Melbourne FL airport?

Most often, travelers opt to fly with Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines and American Airlines when going to Melbourne. The majority of these flights come in from Chicago, with Southwest Airlines flying this route the most. How many nonstop flights are there to Melbourne?

What is the cheapest flight to Melbourne?

The cheapest direct flights to Melbourne are mainly operated by Tiger Airways, Jetstar, Qantas and Virgin Australia. Due to the popularity of the route and large number of flights, you should easily be able to find a flight to suit your budget.

What is the nearest airport to Melbourne Florida?

The closest major airport to Melbourne Beach, Florida is Melbourne International Airport (MLB / KMLB). This airport is in Melbourne, Florida and is 8 miles from the center of Melbourne Beach, FL.

What is the closest airport to Florida?

Closest airport to Florida is Ignacio Agramonte International Airport (CMW). Distance from Ignacio Agramonte International Airport to Florida is 25.4 miles / 40.9 kilometers.

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