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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Florida Action Committee for sex offender reform?

Florida Action Committee - Reform Florida Sex Offender Laws to Make Florida Safer for Children. With Unity Comes Change - Florida Action Committee Out of State Challenge FILED! Just moments ago the Out-of-State Challenge was filed in Federal Court!

Can a Florida sex offender Sting go to trial?

In Florida the whole process is run like a business. You really have to wonder if all of the legal/justice system is involved, from the bottom up. They get millions from the federal government for these stings. If there is no victim, if they talked on an adult site, there should be no charges.

Who was Angie's boyfriend in the sex offender Sting?

Angie knew that the Petitioner was the League owner's (Pam) boyfriend and that he was serving a term of sex offender probation.

What to do if you are arrested in a sting?

If you were arrested in such as sting and would be willing to share your story in an effort to help expose the grievous wrong-doing that law enforcement is engaging in, please reach out to [email protected] with your contact details and some basic information about your case.

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