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What was Daytona Beach like in the 1950's?

In the 1950s, this little getaway was all about the cars, from races on the beach to races at the Speedway. This gallery, gathered from the State Archives of Florida, highlights the best bits of this seaside town in the '50s.

Where did people go in the 1950's in Florida?

1. Couple relaxing at Miami Beach, 1950 2. Silver Springs: Ocala, June 30, 1952 3. Joan Turbett at Cypress Gardens in Winter Haven, Florida, June 1951 4. Casting a net in the Gulf of Mexico - Apalachicola Region, circa 1950 5. African American man wrestling an alligator at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm, circa 1950

When did the Colored Beach start in Florida?

First expressed in the Fort Lauderdale Daily News in 1927, African American communities were unhappy with being constrained to a single “colored leisure beach”; an uninhabited and inconvenient strip of land that was inferior to the “white beaches”.

What was beach fashion like in the 50's in Florida?

Beach fashion was an integral part of Florida vacation life. Four models showing off the latest in swimwear. These four models are lounging in the Florida sand while showing off the latest in swimwear and '50s beach fashion. And stripes were having a moment. Models in striped beach attire.

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