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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Florida beaches are closed for spring break?

As the photos and videos have appeared, some iconic spring break locations have tried to stop the party. The city of Miami Beach closed South Beach until further notice. Fort Lauderdale closed its beaches, too. Clearwater said its beaches would close Monday.

How many people can you bring to the beach in Florida?

In Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis on Tuesday closed bars and restricted restaurant occupancy to 50%. He also ordered a limit of 10 people at beach gatherings. "What are you thinking? Stop doing it. Now," Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., the state's former governor, urged beachgoers on CNN .

Is Fort Lauderdale Beach crowded with people without care?

WATCH: Ft. Lauderdale Beach crowded with people with no care, DESPITE dire & grim projections of #coronavirus and US Senator Rick Scott & Miami Mayor in Self-Quarantine.

Will Clearwater Beach be closed?

According to WFTS, Clearwater officials discussed whether or not to close the beach or impose any other restrictions or curfews on Monday, but did not come to a final decision. The city of Clearwater has been contacted for comment.

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