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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best beach bar in Florida?

The Lani Kai is a legendary Florida beach bar located in Ft. Myers Beach. With almost non-stop music, dancing and entertainment you are sure to have a good time. "We hope Florida Beach Bar inspires you to visit a new area of Florida and discover a beach bar where you can relax and enjoy life.".

Where to stay on the beach in Florida?

“Just in the last few months, from Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Pensacola Beach, Fort Walton Beach, Mirmar Beach, Panama City Beach, I've stayed at numerous Holiday Inns, as well as other hotels, and I must say that...”

Are there dive bars on the beach in Florida?

Smoking and vaping permitted. The Sandshaker may not consider itself a dive bar – in fact it’s been voted Top 10 Florida Beach Bar for three years – but as the home of the Original Bushwacker, and the fact that they’re open until 3 am, and just that local bar feel, well, we think it’s the perfect blend of beach and dive.

Which is the best beach resort in Sarasota?

“The beach at zota beach resort is to die for .. it’s so peaceful and beautiful often seeing amazing wildlife such as dolphins .. what made the stay so relaxing and welcoming was the beach attendant called Justin h...”

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