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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Department of revenue do in Florida?

The Department of Revenue (DOR) provides critical services to millions of individuals, businesses and families throughout Florida, including general tax administration, child support services and property tax oversight.

When did the Florida Department of revenue start the reemployment tax?

The Florida Department of Revenue has administered the reemployment tax since 2000. The Department registers employers, collects the tax and wage reports due, assigns tax rates, and audits employers. Every state has an Unemployment Compensation Program.

How to contact Florida Department of Economic Opportunity?

If you have any questions about the benefit charges listed on the Reimbursement Invoice, contact the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity’s Reemployment Assistance Program at 877-846-8770. The Florida Department of Revenue realizes that some businesses may have difficulty paying their business expenses due to the impacts of COVID-19.

Where to look for vacant positions in Florida?

Please take a look at the recent vacancies that we have available within the Department. You can also search for our vacant positions by using the State of Florida’s People First Website .

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