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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get a new license plate in Florida?

How to Get License Plates in Florida. 1. Get Started With License Plate Assistance Online. In most states, you cannot apply for or replace a license plate online. Instead, most states require you to request a new or duplicate license plate in person at a DMV office.

When to renew Florida drivers license?

Customers must renew their Florida driver license or ID card every eight years. The expiration date is listed on the credential. Florida driver license and ID card holders may renew their credential up to 18 months in advance of the expiration date.

How do you get duplicate vehicle registration in Florida?

You can get your duplicate Florida registration by visiting your local tax collector or motor vehicle services office and paying the $2.50 replacement registration fee. The process and fees could vary, depending on the office you visit and county you live in. For more information, contact your local county office.

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