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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any medical exemptions for window tinting in Florida?

Florida allows window tinting medical exemptions for lupus, dermatomyositis, albinism, vitiligo, xeroderma pigmetosum or other autoimmune disease or medical condition. Medical exemption certificate in Florida has no expiration date and is non-transferable.

When to apply for a tinted glass waiver?

Tinted glass waivers are issued by the RMV and allow additional tinting to the front side windows, rear side windows, and/or rear window of vehicles only. Windshields may not be tinted below the AS-1 line (upper most six inches). A vehicle is eligible for a tinted glass waiver if: The vehicle is a private passenger vehicle

Are there medical waivers for window tint in Maryland?

Maryland permits medical waivers for window tint. Written certification from a physician licensed in Maryland must be carried in vehicle. For more information see: If the document is missing on MSP website, contact Automotive Safety Enforcement Division of Maryland State Police for more info.

How to get a tinted window exemption in Delaware?

To file for a medical exemption in Delaware you must fill out the MV495 form (Application for Medical Waiver of Tinted Window Law). Unfortunately their governmental website states that this form is no longer available online and must be acquired by going in to your nearest DMV facility.

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