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Frequently Asked Questions

How many airports are in the Florida Keys?

Facts About The Florida Keys. Facts About the Florida Keys. There are two airports located in the Keys - one is located on Marathon near mile marker 50 and the other one is in Key West.

What is the closest airport to the Florida Keys?

The closest major airport to Florida Keys is Key West International Airport (EYW / KEYW). This airport is in Key West, Florida and is 49 miles from the center of Florida Keys.

What airports are in the keys?

By plane. The two main airports in the Keys are the seaplane base on Marathon Key (ICAO: 42FL) and Key West International Airport [4] (ICAO: KEYW IATA: EYW). The seaplane base is only used by private or commuter aircraft, mainly coming in from Miami (ICAO: KMIA IATA: MIA), which is the closest international airport.

How far is Florida Keys from Miami?

Driving distance from Miami, FL to Florida Keys. The total driving distance from Miami, FL to Florida Keys is 115 miles or 185 kilometers. Your trip begins in Miami, Florida. It ends in Florida Keys, Florida.

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