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Frequently Asked Questions

How to sign up for the Florida Keys aqueduct authority?

Online New Customer Sign Up is only available for residential customers, please contact our customer service at (305) 296-2454 to set up your commercial account. Are you one of these existing customers?

How to register your account with fkaa, fl?

Learn how to read and pay your bill as well as register your account with FKAA. Get in touch with our Customer Support services. This page will host documents and forms associated with our engineering department.

How to get water in the Florida Keys?

We are happy to help you sign up for water service so you can join the thousands of Keys residents who drink clear, fresh aquifer water daily. Have you had an account with us before? Yes, I have had an FKAA account before. Take me to the Login/Registration page. No, I have never had an FKAA account. When do you want your service to start?

When did the Florida Keys get central sewer?

With this in mind, providing central sewer throughout the Keys was mandated by the State of Florida in 1999. The Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority provides central wastewater services to seven regions of the Keys utilizing advanced technologies to maximize nutrient and pollutant removal from wastewater discharges.

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