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Frequently Asked Questions

What cities are near the Florida Keys?

The Florida Keys is located in Monroe County. There are five incorporated cities in the Florida Keys: Key West, Key Colony Beach, Layton, Islamorada and Marathon.

How do you travel to Florida Keys?

The Florida Keys are the southernmost tropical islands in Florida that you can actually drive, fly or take a short ferry ride to from mainland Florida. The Keys extend south and west of the Homestead area of Florida, close to Miami, FL.

What are the best beaches in the keys?

There is widespread agreement that the best beach in the Keys is Bahia Honda State Park. It's long – 2.5 miles – with white sand and water so shallow that you can wade far out before you even get your swimsuit wet. This beach was named the best in America in 1992, when Stephen Leatherman, a.k.a. Dr.

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