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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Florida Man Challenge?

Almost every single day there is a crazy new Florida man headline in the news. It has quickly become a huge meme and now there is also a challenge surrounding the concept. The challenge is simple, just type the words "Florida man" followed by your birthday into Google and see what news stories you get.

What happened to the Florida man with the bullet in his ear?

A Florida man woke up with a severe headache and asked his wife to drive him to a hospital, where doctors found a bullet lodged behind his right ear. "The nurse looked at him and said, 'It appears that you've been shot,'" the Fort Pierce Tribune quoted St Lucie County Sheriff Ken Mascara as saying.

What happened in the machete attack in Hernando County?

The Hernando County Sheriff's Office released the arrest photo and report of a man charged in a machete attack that took place on Saturday.

Who is Eddy Juan and why was he arrested?

Miami-Dade police say 52-year-old Eddy Juan was arrested Tuesday and charged with violation of sexual offender registration, fleeing and eluding, reckless driving, aggravated assault and resisting without violence.

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