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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of news is Florida man news?

Florida Man News – Florida man news, bizarre, strange, funny, serious, wacky, odd news stories. Check out all the new unusual headlines.

Are there any Florida Man stories for 2019?

In any case, Florida Man kept right on going in 2019 and we're already awaiting the first Florida Man story of the new decade. In the meantime, catch up with all that Florida Man has been up to this year. Remember these? See 2018's best Florida Man and Woman stories

What was the year of the Florida man?

It was another banner year for "Florida Man" in 2019, as he made news across the globe for all the wrong reasons. Thanks to "Florida Man" and "Florida Woman" we closed out the decade with another year featuring a never-ending array of news stories about people doing stupid stuff in the Sunshine State.

What's the best Florida Man headlines of 2019?

But allegations do not keep us from laughing to ourselves. So put in a lipper of Skoal and settle into the nearest papasan chair because we have some headlines to discuss. This is the best of the Florida Man, 2019. Jan. 1: Florida Man Shooting at Target in Backyard Hits Neighbor Sitting at Dining Room Table

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