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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Florida man back at it again in June 2020?

Florida Man is at it again. There’s no such thing as summer vacation for these bonkers perpetrators. June 2020 is as full of outrageous Florida headlines as the rest of the year. You’d think with things like coronavirus and nationwide protests these United States residents would take a break, but the show must go on apparently.

What are some mind-blowing facts about Florida men?

The Florida man who got lucky with his leg. 20. The naked Florida man who thought he was Batman. 19. The Florida man who was *just* trying to meet his girlfriend in California. 18. The Florida man who just wanted to be the cool dad. 17. The Florida man who got stuck in a window.

Did covid-19 slow down Florida man in 2020?

In any case, COVID-19 didn’t slow down Florida Man in 2020. He’s still an internet favorite and we’re already awaiting the first Florida Man story of 2021. In the meantime, catch up with all that Florida Man has been up to this year. Here are the top ten Florida Man stories of 2020 on CBSMIAMI.COM.

What would happen if it happened to Florida man?

MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Florida isn’t just the Sunshine State, it’s the Florida Man State, where crimes and crazy antics are elevated to a whole new level thanks to our very liberal “sunshine laws.” So basically, if it happened to Florida Man, it probably involves alligators, snakes, and iguanas or it could be amphetamines, guns and even facial masks.

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