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Was the guy stealing the lectern from Florida?

The guy stealing the lectern was from Florida. 1. The Florida man who was *the* viral picture from the insurrection. Yes, this guy. 2. The Florida man who just wanted some horses to be free. 3. The Florida man who never learned his lesson. 4. The Florida man who happens to be a fake teen doctor who can't stop getting into trouble.

Why is Florida known as the state of Man?

While some states are known for their food or architecture, Florida is known for the “Florida man.” From the man who called 911 for a ride to Hooters to the man who tried to get an alligator drunk, the Sunshine State is home to a special breed of guy.

Did an elderly Florida man perform an at-home surgery on another man?

An elderly Florida man with a twisted castration obsession was busted for allegedly performing an at-home surgery on another guy — whom he met on a dark web fetish site, cops said. Van Ryswyk, 74, allegedly admitted he screwed up the back-alley surgery at his home in Sebring.

What are some of the weirdest 'Florida Man' memes?

Here are some of the weirdest and wildest headlines that fueled the now-notorious “Florida man” meme. Everett Lages was arrested outside of Emerald City strip club in Murdock for repeatedly calling the emergency line to report that the club owner had refused to let his kitty into the jiggle joint, deputies said.

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