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Frequently Asked Questions

Who was the Florida man that stole mail?

[LARGO] – The Florida Man who made national headlines this week has been arrested and is facing three federal charges. More [HAWTHORNE] – A Florida man faces multiple charges after authorities say he stole mail from a woman while only wearing his underwear.

Where can I find Florida man Birthday Challenge?

“Florida Man Birthday Challenge” is an internet trend where you can learn about funny and interesting events that occurred on the dates that coincide with your own birthday. For example, if you search for August 5 using the “Find Your Birthday” section on our website, you will see the event that happened on August 5.

What did Florida man do to get arrested?

[MIAMI] – A Florida Man was arrested on multiple charges including bank fraud after using part of nearly $4 in PPP loans to buy a Lamborghini and other high-end luxury items. More [MIRAMAR] – A naked Florida Man was arrested after breaking into a South Florida High school and spending nearly 24 hours vandalizing the building.

Who was the Florida man that stole an ambulance?

[HERNANDO COUNTY] – A Florida Man faces grand theft auto charges after stealing an ambulance from a hospital. More [JACKSONVILLE] – A Florida Man has been arrested after investigators say he was giving Botox procedures without the required medical certifications to do so. More

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