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Frequently Asked Questions

How did /r/FloridaMan[3] get its start?

Within one month, the post received over 22,700 up votes and 360 comments. On January 31st, the /r/FloridaMan [3] subreddit was created with links to news articles containing the words “Florida Man” in the title.

When is Florida Man's birthday?

Florida Man March 15 Florida Man March 16 Florida Man March 17 Florida Man March 18 Florida Man March 19 Florida Man March 20 Final Words on Florida Man Birthday! Best Florida Man Headlines Till Date!

What is the “Florida man Birthday Challenge?

“Florida Man Birthday Challenge” is an internet trend where you can learn about funny and interesting events that occurred on the dates that coincide with your own birthday. For example, if you search for August 5 using the “Find Your Birthday” section on our website, you will see the event that happened on August 5.

When did Florida Man reunite with cat that ran away 14 years ago?

And the surprisingly wholesome “ Florida man reunites with pet cat that ran away 14 years ago ” (March 22, 2018) Thousands and thousands of people were reading these stories…from last year. Why? Turns out, we can thank this viral tweet for bringing some of these gems back on our screens and in our hearts.

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