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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you request unemployment benefits in Florida?

To continue receiving weekly unemployment benefits, FL unemployment requirements state that you must file a ‘weekly claim’ by doing the following: 1. Meet all of the FL unemployment requirements listed above. 2. Apply for at least two jobs each week. 3. Contact the Florida unemployment office to file your ‘weekly claim’.

Is Florida extending unemployment benefits?

Unemployment Insurance in Florida. (Florida Unemployment Extension) Those who have exhausted all original insurance in Florida are entitled to extended benefits or extension IF the FL rate is higher than usual. Under these circumstances, the basic extended benefits program in actually provides up to 13 extra weeks of FL compensation.

How do you file for unemployment benefits in Florida?

The first step in filing for unemployment is contacting your state’s unemployment office. In the state of Florida, you can file online by visiting, Filing online offers you the convenience of: Filing for benefits weekly or biweekly. Check the status of your claim. Check the remaining balance of your benefits.

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