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Frequently Asked Questions

What RC models does FMS sell?

For those interested in RC warbirds, FMS has some great scale offerings including the 1400mm wingspan F4U Corsair, P-51 Mustang, P-40 Warhawk, and T-28 Trojan. If you are a sport pilot FMS also offers high quality sport RC models such as the Pitts Biplane, Extra 300, Sbach 342, and Yak54.

What are the different sizes of FMS RC jet?

Contact Us Home>>FMS Rc Jet,FMS RC airplane FMS A-10 Thunderbolt II 2x70mm PNP FMS A-10 Thunderbolt II V2 70mm PNP FMS F16 70mm EDF Jet PNP FMS Super Scorpion 90mm Red Jet PNP FMS Futura 80mm Jet PNP Purple FMS Futura 80mm Jet PNP Red

Why choose FMS?

As the FMS slogan goes, "Perfect Appearance, Excellent Performance", FMS stands ready to bring innovative, professional, perfect RC models for all RC enthusiasts. That's our products' key to receive excellent reviews from top magazines, forums, and enthusiasts both at home and abroad.

What is the history of FMS?

Established in Jan.2007 in Shenzhen, China, FMS starts from a humble beginning with 20 people and a 1000 ㎡ factory and now we have a professional team with more than 170 staff who are passionate about RC Hobbies.

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