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Frequently Asked Questions

What does fn stand for?

Fn is an abbreviation for function. More accurately, it’s used to trigger functions. The Fn key is the one we press when we want to do things that are the alternate functions of the F keys at the top of the keyboard.

What does the FN F1 and FN F2 do?

The function keys on your Mac keyboard are useful as they give you the ease of controls for screen brightness, volume, media playback, Mission Control, Launchpad, and more. If you just want to use the function keys, you can simply press the ' fn ' key + F1, F2, or whichever you want to use.

What is function f?

where f is a function of x that doubles any value x assigned to it, i.e. Commonly functions are denoted by the letter f but this is not a strict notation since other letters may also be used. Typically the f(x) takes place of the y value to explicitly identify the independent variable being used in the function.

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