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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of foil in literature?

Definition of Foil. Foil is a literary device designed to illustrate or reveal information, traits, values, or motivations of one character through the comparison and contrast of another character. A literary foil character serves the purpose of drawing attention to the qualities of another character, frequently the protagonist.

What is the difference between the main character and foil?

The main character is called a protagonist. A character foil is any character whose values contrast with the protagonist. Because of the difference in values, foils make different choices. Foils serve to show specific traits or characteristics of the protagonist or how their lives could have been different.

What are some examples of foil in literary character pairs?

Here are some famous examples of foil in literary character pairs: Writers often develop characters in literary works to create conflict or showcase differences between them. Foil and antagonist are often considered interchangeable as labels for literary characters.

Why does an author create a foil to emphasize traits?

An author creates a foil to emphasize traits in another character. Foils aren’t necessarily opposites; however, they highlight opposing traits. A literary foil is one that develops throughout a text and may not be evident at first.

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