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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Christmas fonts?

1. Catalina Clemente. Catalina Clemente is a set of hand-drawn Christmas fonts inspired by the chalkboards seen at boutique coffee shops and bakeries. It comes in both caps and lowercase, and can be used for both headlines and body text.

What are some examples of different fonts?

An example of a serif font is Times Roman. Sans serif fonts are without these additional strokes and bolder and plainer by nature. An example of a sans serif font is Helvetica. Script font styles mimic handwriting styles. An example of a script font is Zapfino. Ornamental font styles are used for decorative purposes.

What is the basic font?

Basic Fonts. Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana, etc. – the names of these default fonts are known to every user of a Windows or Mac computer. These basic fonts offer many advantages, such as wide popularity, cross-platform support, web-safety, etc.

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