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Who are some famous people from the year 1974?

Victoria Silvstedt, Swedish model; September 23 – Matt Hardy, American professional wrestler; September 24. Niels Brinck, Danish singer and songwriter; Kati Wolf, Hungarian singer; September 26 – Joo Jin-mo, South Korean actor; September 28 – Shane Webcke, Australian rugby league player; September 30. Yul Bürkle, Venezuelan actor and model

Who was the Miss World of South Africa in 1974?

November 26 – Anneline Kriel is crowned as Miss World 1974, the second South African to hold the title after Penny Coelen in 1958, when Helen Morgan resigns four days after winning the 24th Miss World pageant.

What was the name of the tornado outbreak in 1974?

April 3–4 – An enormous tornado outbreak strikes the central parts of the United States, killing around 319 people. Known as the "1974 Super Outbreak", the event was the largest of its kind until the 2011 Super Outbreak.

When did Burnley adopt the total football system?

Under manager Harry Potts, Burnley had adopted the Total Football system in English football where "every player could play in every position" which led them to win the 1959-60 Englsh league title.

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