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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best API for football prediction?

The Football Prediction API provides predictions for upcoming football matches, average bookie odds, results for past matches and prediction performance statistics for past results. -SportMonks API- Looking for better and reliable Football Data?

Is there a free version of the Football API?

Each API has a freemium version of the plan that should allow you to test the API without charge. For example the API-Football API allows up to 50 requests per day for free. What about video?

What can you do with a soccer API?

Use these APIs to enrich your sports application or website with the best and most accurate football data. Dive into all FIFA soccer data or drill down by specific football league such as Bundesliga and La Liga to get results returned in JSON format. There are many data feeds available for you to choose from.

How is the data managed in the Football API?

We are using both manual and automatic methods for our football data feeds quality assurance. First of all, the football data is managed by our own sports software that we develop for more than 10 years! This means that if we change anything inside any match, the changes are applied across all football API endpoints.

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