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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any live football games on hesgoal?

As well as offering popular football matches from the UK such as Premier League or FA Cup games, Hesgoal provides live streams from leagues around the world such as Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and even further afield.

Is the hesgoal website still live in the UK?

Outside of the legal realms of watching live football, Hesgoal UK is now the most reknown website that provides coverage of football streams and other major sporting events from around the world. Despite many attempts to bring the site down, the Hesgoals website is still online today.

Do you have to have an account for hesgoal?

Hesgoal football streams are free to users and they don't need to create an account, but they should be cautious about using the website since it is broadcasting copyrighted material similar to how video piracy websites operate.

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