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Frequently Asked Questions

How many NFL players have CTE?

A neuropathologist has examined the brains of 111 N.F.L. players - and 110 were found to have C.T.E., the degenerative disease linked to repeated blows to the head. Dr. Ann McKee, a neuropathologist, has examined the brains of 202 deceased football players.

How many football players have brain injuries?

Brain damage was diagnosed in 87 percent of donated brains of 202 football players, including all but one of 111 brains of National Football League athletes. This new study, published today in the journal JAMA, is the latest linking dangerous head injuries to football, though the authors note that the true risk may be lower than the results suggest.

Is football the main cause of CTE?

Repetitive head trauma is likely the cause of CTE. Football and ice hockey players, as well as military personnel serving war zones, have been the focus of most CTE studies, though other sports and factors such as physical abuse also can lead to repetitive head injuries. Jun 4 2019

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