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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there snack stadiums for the Super Bowl?

This elaborate snack stadium from @rtgdesigns has three tiers and tons of snacks. Perfect for a larger party, this stadium is fit to feed a football team and will please even your hungriest guests. Filled with deviled eggs, sliders, pizza and chocolate-covered strawberries, a stadium like this would be an impressive addition to any game-day party.

What do you need to make a Snack Stadium?

This snack stadium is just a little bit fancy—the exterior is finished with four towers (to hold more snacks, of course!). Making these is quick and easy. You'll need eight plastic cups and two disposable bowls. To make the towers, simply glue two cups together using a hot glue gun, bottom to bottom.

What foods are served at NFL home games?

The food served at home games provide a great bang for your buck with delicious meals offered. Lobster Nachos stand out as a great meal that every Rams fan must try during the game. Seafood fanatics are in for a treat with the nachos topped with lobster and quite a few sauces.

What foods are served at at & T Stadium?

Bacon, sausage, tater tots, gravy, and chives are each stuffed inside of the pancake. The Purple Grip is one of the more unique items offered as a pancake taco of sorts. The Dallas Cowboys home, the AT&T Stadium, is one of the top venues in the sports world. It was designed to provide the best of the best in every aspect for fans.

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