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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there fake fans at the Bears game?

But to the players, they’ll be playing with no fans and a fake crowd, which is why the Bears tested out that type of artificial environment when that held their scrimmage at Solider Field a couple weeks ago. Head coach Matt Nagy said they have a plan in place on both offense and defense in case the noise affects them.

How does Fox Sports use feigned fan audio?

The Fox Sports broadcasts will also integrate the feigned fan audio being played in the stadium into the background of microphone clips from the players (like during pitches) and other in-game audio, but it’ll augment that live audio on its own end, too, similar to how it’s been doing for MLS games.

Where are the cardboard fans at soccer games?

Cardboard fans are lining the stands at baseball games in Taiwan and South Korea, and soccer matches all over Europe. Shaquille O’Neal ’s cardboard likeness even turned up for a soccer match in Northampton, England.

Who is the founder of my fan seats?

But several entrepreneurs are also attempting to make this a thing in US-based sports. My Fan Seats, launched in May, is one of the first to attempt to penetrate the US market. Its founder, Lara Smedley, is a 15-year veteran of sports marketing and events who has worked with college sports, the NBA, and MLS.

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