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Frequently Asked Questions

How did the Randalls Island Stadium get its name?

History. The stadium lies on the grounds of Camp Randall, a former Union Army training camp during the Civil War. The camp was named after then Governor Alexander Randall, who later became Postmaster General of the United States.

Who was responsible for the accident at Camp Randall Stadium?

Several Badgers football players assisted with removing the injured from the tangle; some of them were medical students and administered CPR to many victims who were not breathing. Per Mar Security (stadium security) and the University of Wisconsin were later found liable for this situation.

Where is the University of Wisconsin football stadium?

Camp Randall Stadium on gameday. Camp Randall Stadium is an outdoor stadium in Madison, Wisconsin, located on the University of Wisconsin–Madison campus. It has been the home of Wisconsin Badgers football since 1895, with a fully functioning stadium since 1917.

How did Hurricane Ida affect SHI Stadium traffic?

Prior to the arrival of Hurricane Ida, a university press release had reminded fans that traffic would be tricky due to construction on the Landing Lane Bridge outside of the stadium. With the arrival of floodwaters, travel to and from the stadium became impossible.

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