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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Yankee Stadium flooded in New York?

Parts of New York were overtaken on Wednesday night by pouring rain, which led to flooding. In the Bronx, Yankee Stadium was not spared from the heavy rains. Yankees TV announcer Michael Kay shared some photos of how Yankee Stadium looked amid the flooding. The outfield was completely soaked.

Is it safe to drive home from Yankee Stadium?

Driving in the city was extremely dangerous and difficult due to the flooding. Kay advised against it. Tried to make it home from Stadium because my house is flooding and the kids are scared. Couldn’t find a route that was not flooded. I eventually found a safe haven at my alma mater and will wait it out at Fordham.

Why was Yankee Stadium called the house that Ruth Built?

The owners were looking for their own stadium, and they would indeed build one in the Bronx, completing Yankee Stadium in time for the 1923 season. Ruth would hit the first home run at Yankee Stadium, and it became known as “the House that Ruth Built,” in part because of the popularity of the Babe boosting the Yankees’ profits.

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