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Frequently Asked Questions

What to eat at the LA Rams Stadium?

And while they wait for a more permanent stadium solution, the Coliseum has ensured the new legions of Rams fans have enough trendtastic food options for every LA resident's requisite Instafeeds. Notably, the lobster nachos by Lobsterdamus stand out as a social media-ready food that's actually worth eating.

Are there any football stadiums made of food?

Since we have one just of football stadiums made from cakes, it's just as well we have one of football stadiums made of food! The championship collection of Super Bowl food stadiums. These edible football stadiums are take game-day parties to the next level, from Cooking Channel.

What foods are served at at & T Stadium?

Bacon, sausage, tater tots, gravy, and chives are each stuffed inside of the pancake. The Purple Grip is one of the more unique items offered as a pancake taco of sorts. The Dallas Cowboys home, the AT&T Stadium, is one of the top venues in the sports world. It was designed to provide the best of the best in every aspect for fans.

What foods are served at NFL home games?

The food served at home games provide a great bang for your buck with delicious meals offered. Lobster Nachos stand out as a great meal that every Rams fan must try during the game. Seafood fanatics are in for a treat with the nachos topped with lobster and quite a few sauces.

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