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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of Force Bill?

Force Bill Law and Legal Definition. The Force Bill was enacted in 1833 to authorize the U.S. President to use military force to enforce federal tariffs. Force Bill is the first piece of legislation to publicly deny the right of secession to individual states.

What is the significance of the Force Bill?

Force Bill, law passed by the U.S. Congress in 1833 that gave the president the power to use the military to enforce the collection of import duties if a state refused to comply with federal tariffs.

What did the Force Bill allow Jackson to do?

The bill was initially enacted in 1833 to give express power to President Andrew Jackson to use whatever force necessary to enforce Federal tariffs. It was intended to suppress South Carolina's refusal to collect tariffs during the Nullification Crisis.

Was the force bill passed?

Force Bill for kids. The Force Bill was passed by Congress on March 2, 1833, during the Nullification Crisis and authorized President Jackson to use military force against any state that resisted the protective tariff laws.

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