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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Forever 21 so cheap?

I’ve seen companies that take a 12x markup and others who take a 1.5–2x markup. A lot of people assume that Forever 21’s product is so cheap because they pay next to nothing for their goods and use shoddy materials/construction. The truth is that Forever 21 simply does not take as many markups as their competitors.

How much does Forever 21 shipping cost?

Forever 21 does not charge shipping or any other fees when you purchase a gift card / e-gift cards or at any time. Are There Any Fees Associated With Forever 21 Gift Cards Or E-Gift Cards? No, you will not be able to add or change the value on a gift card / e-gift card / store credit once it has been purchased /issued.

Is Forever 21 closing stores?

Your local Forever 21 could be shutting down as early as this December. The retailer for affordable clothing and accessories announced in court records earlier this week that it’s closing 111 stores across the U.S., according to USA Today.

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