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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to enter 1099 G?

You will have to enter a 1099G that is issued by your state. Some states will mail out the 1099G. Or you might need to go to your state's unemployment website and use the password, etc. that you have been using to certify for weekly benefits to get your 1099G from the state's site. Enter your 1099G in Federal>Wages & Income>Unemployment

How to get my 1099 G?

You can collected Form 1099-G by calling your local unemployment office or contacting the IRS directly. When Should I Receive My Unemployment Tax Form? Go the website of your state's labor department. Navigate to the page that provides information on unemployment claims.

Is 1099 G income taxable?

Unemployment compensation is generally taxable income to you, so Form 1099-G gives you the amount of unemployment benefits you must report on your tax return. You may opt to have federal income tax withheld on those benefits. If you do, the amount withheld will be reported in Box 4.

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