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Frequently Asked Questions

How can formative assessment help you achieve your goals?

Being clear on the expectations and communicating our goals clearly helps us see the path. Formative assessment, the practice of using formal and informal assessment during learning to gather information used to modify activities to improve student success, is a great tool for helping me and my students know where we are in tracking our goals.

What are the components of formative assessment?

Components of Formative Assessment For formative assessment to be beneficial, it is imperative to include the class in the learning process by providing them with a great deal of feedback. You also must spend time reflecting on what you are learning about your own teaching from the students’ feedback to you.

How do you assess students for Formative Instruction?

To get an accurate assessment of the group, teachers need to call on students randomly; this ensures that students who are uncertain of the answer reveal their thinking as well. Finally, formative instruction depends on the willingness of students and teachers to take action based on the information from their assessment.

What is the difference between formative assessment and grading?

For example, a grade can be interpreted as a reflection of a student’s intelligence or effort (and many students and teachers do see it that way). Grading often entails high stakes for teachers and students as it judges their skill level and performance. Formative assessment, on the other hand, is intended to modify teaching and learning.

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