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Frequently Asked Questions

How does formative work?

Formative is built by educators, and we know what it takes to truly support your day-to-day and give you your time back. Experience real-time, for real. Everything on Formative is in real-time. See students working live, watch as their answers are submitted and graded automatically, and provided feedback instantly. Like actually, instantly.

Why does formative use cookies to view preview forms?

Select a formative to see its preview Formative uses cookies to allow us to better understand how the site is used. By continuing to use this site, you consent to the Terms of Serviceand Privacy Policy.

What is formformative academic and Skills Development?

Formative Academic and Skills Development School is a non-sectarian educational institution dedicated to developing persons who exemplify nurturing character, integrity, Christian living, and excellence.

What can formformative do for You?

Formative’s data visualization makes it easy for you to gain and act on powerful insights. Distribute and analyze collaborative common assessments across teams and schools to understand learning progress. Track performance at your team, school, or district - by assignment or by standard. Analyze the data at any level for insights!

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