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Frequently Asked Questions

When did the Fortescue hive open for business?

Now known as the Fortescue Hive, the expanded, purpose-built remote operations facility was opened in 2020 and includes our planning, operations and mine control teams, together with port, rail, shipping and marketing teams.

Is the Fortescue Hive a reimagined IOC?

“Since then Fortescue has continued to lead the pack and today we officially launch the Fortescue Hive, our reimagined IOC, which sits at the heart of our integrated supply chain to deliver critical ores to develop the great cities of our region and beyond,” Dr Forrest said.

Why is the Fortescue hive important to the Pilbara?

Importantly, the Fortescue Hive will underpin our future use of technology including artificial intelligence and robotics and will expand to include the generation and integrated distribution network for the Pilbara Energy Connect, our hybrid solar-gas power solution,” Ms Gaines said.

Who is the CEO of Fortescue mines Australia?

Chief Executive Officer, Elizabeth Gaines, said “Fortescue has developed the world's most advanced vertically integrated bulk operations infrastructure. We are very proud to open our enhanced IOC, the Fortescue Hive, which enables us to operate our globally significant mines from the centre of Perth.

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