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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Fortescue operate in the Pilbara?

As one of the world’s largest producers of iron ore, Fortescue’s wholly owned and integrated operations in the Pilbara include the Chichester, Solomon and Western mining hubs.

Could Australia's Fortescue build the world's largest hydroelectric project?

Australia's Fortescue confirmed earlier on Tuesday that it was in talks with Congo to develop a series of dams that could become the world's largest hydroelectric project, but it said no formal binding agreement had been concluded.

Why choose Fortescue ore carriers?

Designed to complement our port infrastructure, the fleet of eight 260,000 tonne capacity Fortescue Ore Carriers deliver approximately 11 per cent of our shipping requirements, while improving load rates and efficiencies and reducing operating costs. Our shipping fleet completes our mine to market supply chain.

What is fortfortescue doing in New Zealand?

Fortescue is developing the Western Hub, which includes significant amounts of high iron content bedded iron ore and is now home to the Eliwana mine. Located 140km to the west of Solomon, the Eliwana mine spans over 50km and commenced operations in December 2020.

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