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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the executive team of Fortescue Metals Group?

Ms O’Farrell joined Fortescue in October 2013 as Group Manager Fortescue People, joining the Executive team in December 2014. Having held a number of executive human resources roles in major Australian resource companies, Ms O’Farrell brings deep experience in strategic people management, diversity and Aboriginal employment.

How many mines does Fortescue Metals have in Australia?

Our Chichester Hub in the Chichester Ranges, comprising the Cloudbreak and Christmas Creek mines, has an annual production capacity of approximately 100mtpa from three Ore Processing Facilities (OPFs).

Who is the director of Pilbara operations Fortescue Metals?

Mr Pereira was appointed Director Pilbara Operations in June 2019, having started his career at Fortescue in 2010 and has previously led the Company’s Port and Rail Operations and Asset Management teams. Mr Pereira has more than 19 years’ experience in the mining industry, spanning various commodities and operations in Australia and South America.

How big is the Fortescue Metals shipping fleet?

Designed to complement our port infrastructure, the fleet of eight 260,000 tonne capacity Fortescue Ore Carriers deliver approximately 14 per cent of our shipping requirements, while improving load rates and efficiencies and reducing operating costs. Our shipping fleet completes our mine to market supply chain.

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