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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Fortescue Metals Group mines located?

The group has two main areas of operation located within the Pilbara region of Western Australia, the Chichester Hub and Solomon Hub. Plans to develop a third, Western Hub are currently in developmental stage. In 2017 Fortescue started exploration of possible mining tenements in South America and other parts of Australia.

How big is the Fortescue Metals shipping fleet?

Designed to complement our port infrastructure, the fleet of eight 260,000 tonne capacity Fortescue Ore Carriers deliver approximately 14 per cent of our shipping requirements, while improving load rates and efficiencies and reducing operating costs. Our shipping fleet completes our mine to market supply chain.

Where are the Fortescue mines in the Hamersley Ranges?

The Solomon Hub in the Hamersley Ranges is located 60km north of Tom Price and 120km to the west of our Chichester Hub. It comprises the Firetail and Kings Valley mines which together have a production capacity of 75mtpa.

When did Fortescue start mining at Christmas Creek?

Mining began at Christmas Creek, 50-kilometre (31 mi) to the east of Cloudbreak, in May 2009. Subsequent expansion projects have lifted production capacity to 50 million tonnes per annum.

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