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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the share price of Fortescue Metals?

Shares in Fortescue Metals (ASX:FMG) are currently trading at 24.79 but a key question for investors is how the economic uncertainty might affect the price in the months to come. The answer comes down to judging whether Fortescue ...

When did Fortescue Metals Group change its name?

Status changed to Allied M. Name changed to Fortescue Metal Group Ltd (FMG), effective 5/08/2003.Name changed to Fortescue Metals Group Ltd (FMG) on 6/11/2003. DPS and Yield calculations use the Pay Date. See Upcoming Dividends for all ASX companies. FMG directors must report any change in shareholding to the ASX within 5 business days.

What kind of agreement does Fortescue future industries have?

Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) has signed the agreement with JSW Future Energy for collaborating on hydrogen mobility, green ammonia and their industrial applications in India.

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