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Frequently Asked Questions

What percent of alcohol is in foster's beer?

Foster's is a full strength Australian beer. It was first brewed by the brothers, W.M. Foster and R.R. Foster, in 1887. It is a European style lager, with 4.9% alcohol. More than 100 million cases of Foster's Lager are sold around the world each year, which makes it Australia's biggest selling beer.

Where to buy Foster's beer?

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Who owns Fosters beer?

The European rights to the beer are owned by Heineken International, who brews and distributes a 4% ABV Foster's in most European countries. In the United States and India, rights to the brand are owned by SABMiller.

Where is Fosters beer made?

In Canada and Brazil, Foster's is brewed by Molson Canada and Brasil Kirin under licence from Foster's Brewing International. In the UK, Foster's is produced by Heineken at the Royal Brewery in Manchester.

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