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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you start a foster home?

States vary in their requirements for starting a foster home. In general, most states require the following: Introduction or orientation to foster parenting. Formal application and interview. Home inspection. Training coursework. Licensing.

What is the reason of going to a foster home?

Foster care becomes necessary when children are not receiving the best possible care in their own homes. There are numerous reasons why a social worker ? would feel that foster care is the safest place for a child. Below are a few of the top reasons children are placed in foster care, as identified on 1. Abuse

How many children can be in a foster home?

We believe that one child in a foster home is the optimal choice. Some of our experienced foster parents, however, may care for up to four children at any given time, provided they have adequate space in their home to do so. No more than two children can be under the age of two.

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