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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main functions of investment banks?

An investment bank is an institution that performs a variety of financial services for corporations, individuals, and the government. The primary function of an investment bank is to raise capital for growing companies and the government by issuing equity and debt securities.

What was the first investment bank?

Philadelphia financier Jay Cooke established the first modern American investment bank during the Civil War era. However, private banks had been providing investment banking functions since the beginning of the 19th century and many of these evolved into investment banks in the post-bellum era.

What is the future of investment banking?

The Future of Investment Banking. Used by leading financial institutions across the globe, the platform is an efficient replacement and enhancement of the traditional deal origination process, connecting qualified corporate seekers of capital with institutional providers, worldwide. In a little less than four years,...

What is founders Financial Securities LLC?

Founders Financial Securities, LLC is a Broker-Dealer with 115 financial professionals registered nationwide. The firm's primary clients are Individuals, High Net Worth Individuals and Pension and Profit Sharing Plans.

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