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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Foxtel package cost per month?

Here are the latest Foxtel prices for their packages and plans in 2019: Plan Price Foxtel Plus Bundle (50 channels) $49/month Movies HD & Netflix Bundle (includes Fox ... $81/month Sports HD & Netflix Bundle (includes Fox ... $86/month 25 more rows ...

How does Foxtel hold a competitive advantage in Australia?

One aspect which Foxtel continues to hold its competitive advantage, is in sports. They are one of the fewstreaming platforms in Australia with channels covering live sports all around the world. So if you want your sport, and you want it live, Foxtel’s sports combo will be highly valued in your home.

How does Foxtel work with the NBN?

Get nbn™ ready Foxtel Broadband bundled with the best TV and On Demand experience. Bundling your TV and broadband together gives you customer care, one bill and one direct debit for all your products in the one place. With our broadband unlimited nbn plans you can stream your favourite shows or download content as much as you like.

Do you have to be a Telstra plus customer to get Foxtel?

Plus new Foxtel from Telstra customers get a bonus 20,000 Telstra Plus points when you join Telstra Plus. Eligibility criteria apply for Telstra Plus. You need to be a new Foxtel from Telstra customer – or haven’t had Foxtel in the last 3 months – to get the discounts. $74/mth after 12 mths. $69/mth after 12 mths. $99/mth after 12 mths.

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