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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do with the Foxtel Go app?

The Foxtel Go app lets you watch the content included in your subscription, from live sport, to the biggest dramas, and features a dedicated kids’ homepage. Keep the family entertained anywhere, anytime.

When did Foxtel remove the F from their logo?

On 14 August 2018, Foxtel removed the pixelated f from the 2017 logo on their website and on their promotional materials, leaving the wordmark. This logo saw the premiere of their new box named Foxtel iQ4, along with Australia's first terrestrial 4K TV channel Foxtel 4K with a new slogan All in One Place .

Do you get free trial of Foxtel on demand?

Stream live and On Demand on your mobile, tablet, PC, TV and PlayStation. New customers start with a free 10-day trial of all Foxtel Now content packs. After your free trial ends you will only pay for the packs you’ve chosen.

How much data does Foxtel use per hour?

In the Foxtel Go settings you can set your video quality to ‘low’, which will use approximately 1.4GB per hour when watching Foxtel on a mobile or tablet. Please be advised when connecting via mobile network, Foxtel Go will automatically switch to the low data usage setting (this does not include Wi-Fi hot spot connections).

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