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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the username and password for Foxtel hub?

The default username and password for the Foxtel Hub is admin and password; Select Wireless in BASIC section; Under Security Options, select desired WPA option and enter the Network key (passphrase) you want to use Note: These apply separately to the 2.4GHz b/g/n and 5GHz a/n Bands

What does Foxtel WiFi modem do for You?

The Foxtel WiFi Modem is a modem and router that has been built and designed (in partnership with Netgear) specifically for Foxtel customers. The Foxtel WiFi Modem allows Foxtel Broadband customers to connect to the internet. Note: Broadband speeds

Is there a DNS vulnerability in Foxtel hub?

Ran a Nessus Network Scan on my network – just to see what was the current state – this modem/router "Foxtel Hub" is a nugget and has a DNS vulnerability Im keen to see if i could change or modify the firmware on this box, i not sourcing a replacement device is my only option unless anyone else has noticed this?

How do I connect my Foxtel modem to my laptop?

Connecting your devices via Ethernet The Foxtel WiFi modem has four Ethernet ports to connect your favourite devices, like your iQ box, laptop or game console. Just connect the Yellow Tipped Ethernet Cable from an Ethernet Port on the Foxtel WiFi modem to the Ethernet Port on your device.

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