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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update My settings on my Foxtel WiFi modem?

You can log in to the Foxtel WiFi Modem to update your settings, including your WiFi network name and password and your privacy settings. 1. Ensure your Foxtel WiFi Modem is on and connected to a device with a web browser, e.g. laptop, tablet or mobile. 2. Open an internet browser on your device.

Is Foxtel's new firmware update the best deal yet?

Yes! As part of this new firmware update, Foxtel has provided one of its best deals yet, which will run through to 4 September 2019. You get the Drama, Entertainment and Sport packs for $58 per month instead of $78 per month. Plus there's no installation fee, no set-top box fee and six months...

How do I check the software version on my Foxtel remote?

Press Home on your Foxtel remote. Scroll left to the Settings icon. Scroll down to Advanced Settings and press Select. Scroll down to System Details and press Select. Check the version in the Software Version section. When will I get the new software?

Can I supply my own modem for Foxtel broadband?

It depends on the type of internet connection available at your address. If you have ADSL, you can supply and use your own modem, however we can only provide limited technical support for non-Foxtel modems. If you have nbn, you must use a Foxtel WiFi Modem to connect to Foxtel Broadband.

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